Vanda was still stunned.

Assets were not retasked easily, but he understood the reason as he looked again at the cycling characters that had caused yet another decision to be made in spite of the cost:







Same as 2002... and 2006.

Bringing out the worst in Human Nature was no longer enough.

The balloon had actually gone up this time. 18 of them. Enough to lift a mini-nuke. Any one or all of them could have been filled with anthrax. Instead, the spherical "package" had separated - spilling hundreds of what turned out to be bumper stickers - into the crater as the lower half slid harmlessly down it's tether to the fenced area on the crater floor where the whole thing had been attached. Harmless, and foolishly risky. Until the balloons started showing up on television, and the bumper stickers on a website of interest that explained that the slogans had been gleaned from normal citizens prior to the '06 mid-terms in order to influence same.

Vanda even had his favorite: "CONFIDENT, COCKY, LAZY, DEAD".

He had first red-flagged Zann after those shows in Colorado Springs that almost let the DREAMLAND cat out of the bag. 12 years later, D had, in fact, replaced R, but Vanda still had his job, and his job had become neutralizing Zann. Tycho however, was still out there and getting far too close to getting on the air and tipping the balance of power the wrong way... away from those who intended to keep it. He'd actually sent an email to SETI, which had been intercepted guaranteeing there would be no response:

In the movie "Contact", the Analog output of earth's signal is shown as starting w/ the Rolling Stones and ending w/ Hitler's Munich speech. FIRST, is there a technical term for that envelope of Analog/Signal information? I think DeChardin refers to the Noosphere, but that includes consciousness. Also, I realize that there is no "Stones" point as the transmission are continuing... but...

SECOND, when Analog television ends in 244 days, will that create a trailing edge to the envelope that the Munich broadcast started?

THIRD, Am I the only one wondering about this? So far, I've been told that not all analog signals will disappear (the Stones could have been on the radio, in which case, the Contact opening was a stretch as it didn't represent only signals like the one returned from Vega).. Does that mean someone listening to OUR output from 1936(?) would just notice a weaker signal after February, or actual silence on the band(?) they were paying attention too? Seth Shostak said recently that something like this might be a theoretical reason we've heard nothing(?) ourselves, which seems to indicate that Digital won't do in the "Search" business.

Someone tried to explain this all away by claiming a 3 second burst of Laser light could go on indefinitely - stopping only when it hit something. I explained that there would still be only a 3 second burst which would have a start and an end, even if it went on forever. That's when the contact sequence entered my mind as once again, with Hitler as the starting point for all the signal since, there would have to be an end point when the signal is shut down.


Tycho Zann / 06.18.2008


June 18. Not bad for someone not on THE LIST. Good thing he WAS the only one wondering.

Shostak would have to be talked to. Noory shouldn't have let that slip either. Fools. But to paraphrase a forgotten Astronaut's wife: "convenient fools sometimes".

At least Zann, and his weaponized playlist would never get on COAST TO COAST AM. Bill Mumy yes - the grandson of Erich Zann and his uber-music... NEVER.



In all these years, only one author had written: "...the Stockholm Syndrome - the fondness and loyalty one could supposedly come to feel for even the most brutal captor. Since 9-11, America had developed Stockholm Syndrome towards it's own government".

Since ZERO HOUR, the American Military had been charging into other people's countries like Patty Hearst into a bank.

Given a third term, everyone else might have figured it out. Maybe even freed themselves.

Now, even that would not happen, and no Battlestar Galactica freak was going to UNDO anything. Especially the "imminent... something".

Time to flip the switch.

Jordan Vanda opened the TRANSITION: RESET (GIT MO) Protocols, and tried to put all thoughts of limbic pacing, the Signal, and a fully entrained Human Race out of his mind, while following the orders that would ensure slavery for any American outside of the super-hardened (R)efuges like the one he - and the Elect he served - would escape to.

Only his concerns about February 17, 2009, Tycho Zann, and COMMAND Z remained.

Until the new message came up.


MSECTOR 6-4 / w3/08/11/28

T-81 & HOLDING... previous DEADLINE rescinded.

RESET: Transition Protocol deemed adequate until further notice.


So, They weren't going to null everyone out after all. Just turn them into idiots.

Trackable idiots paying for their own idiocy.

Maybe 24 hours of Mork & Mindy WOULD be enough. If not, there was always the LOCKUP Thanksgiving Marathon, and back-to-back chances to see "My Cousin Vinny", "MIDWAY", "Confessions of a Serial Killer" or "ARMAGEDDON" for the 3rd month in a row.


Soon, 13 channels of shit would become a fond memory. Extinction could wait.

Thank GOD he was in TV.

Jordan Vanda's next thought was how quickly Zann would find out & what he would do when he did. This was the guy who had sat through MEN IN BLACK with shades on just in case the movie itself was the Neuralyzer.

If his run at SETI was any indication, he probably knew that any Advanced Civilization would have been watching the planet's total electronic output since the "Munich" signal. Especially the World Wide Web, where Zann had the advantage. An advantage he had used so effectively in 1997.

It would be an interesting 81 days.

At least T-62* was still GO, with 999** right behind it



  * On December 17th, 2008, local television stations broadcast a "TEST" spot so that anyone unsure if their TV would work after TRANSITION could verify same. The 2nd level entrainment signal lasted only a minute but all viewers that tuned in longer than the first 10 seconds, were exposed to limbic triggers to be fired at a later time.

In this way, even those without the correct digital equipment on or after February 17, 2009, could still be accessed, as per future operational protocols.


** With all the pre-fabricated anger sweeping the nation, and concern over what the President of the United States will say to American elementary students, no one pays any attention to the hour-long TRANSITION carrier wave that the children are subjected to during the September 9th, 2009, cover speech; the first use of the DTV Protocol on civilians.


RESET indeed .