I'm a Guitar Player.

In 1976, I was staying with Robb Lawrence; the other WITCHCREEK Guitartist, at the Royal Palms just up from Greenblatts. He started telling me about Chicago's ("Whole World's Watching") offices on Melrose, and how he could introduce me to the designers of the Pignose Amplifier. I had interviewed at William Morris where my interviewer said: "God, if I see one more Art Director!" as I walked through the front door, and had answered a Graphic Artist ad in the LA Times that had led to a gig at Literati in Santa Monica.

So it was without hesitation that I walked in the back door at 953 N. Highland, armed only with my "Pickman's Model" business card and the fact that I had read ILLUMINATUS!, and everything H.P. Lovecraft had ever written. In fact, responding to 1975's "Why don't you write your own?", I had begun "Fog Spawn"; my modern-day Innsmouth addition to the Cthulhu Mythos: "Every night, the fog would sweep in, leaving only piles of bones where outdoor pets had once slept until humans started disappearing." Was working up to the "marine layer with teeth" appearance of the Deep Ones themselves - when I realized that "The Music of Erich Zann" was the Lovecraft story with my name all over it.

I ended up meeting Wayne Kimbell and Richard Taylor, in that order. Towards the end of what turned out to be my ABEL interview, I told Richard: "I'm not leaving until you tell me how I can get back in!" It had been a long night, and I am amazed how long they both put up with my questions and suggestions.

I even went as far as to suggest that there might be better places for me to work. I had seen the 5X7 Fantastic Animation Festival poster push-pinned to a timber framing what ultimately became my office above the back door, and I used it as an example of the kind of Art & Artists I truly found impressive.


Taylor just looked at me with a smile and said: "He works here."

I got the job, Michael Gibson became my best friend, and one night at the Aware Inn - when I mentioned that Abel should grab the rights to "CHILDHOOD'S END", as THAT was one film I'd like to work on - he suggested I just write my own.

It was my turn to smile.



Coming Soon: ALL NIGHT*

*31 years later, I meet at the Solamar DOA Reunion. It is at his request, and in support of his efforts to document and share the stories that still conjure the ABEL magic, that I offer FIRST NIGHT - in the hopes that others whose stories may be better than mine - will do the same.


Special thanks to Tom Beattie (who would have fit right in at ABELS) for hosting herofx.com

He was there at the beginning (CO) and I think he'll be there at the end.