"Welcome aboard the USS Enterprise."

I've heard just about every actor in Hollywood joke about "doing a STAR TREK", and thanks to Richard Taylor, I have something in common with all of them.

None of them however, had Michelle Small show up with her Polaroid saying: "Con wants me to document everything you do."

I wondered, as I finish this page last, how many - amidst America's non-stop masturbatory "EVERYTHING IS ALL RIGHT" Thanks(?)giving coverage, could have sat through the Star Trek: ENTERPRISE All Day Marathon - as I did, actually warming to the new crew and the old familiar rhythms of Crisis and Command.

Had to MUTE every opening, but found myself watching anyway; waiting to see the shot of Bob, Roddenberry, and Taylor, standing behind the new NCC-1701 model - montaged in with Shepard & Yeager - where they belong.

Probert couldn't have complained as his Centurions were back in RAZOR.

I was left wondering how my KLINGON alphabet (STILL as I pasted it up over 20 years ago) made it into a pre-TMP Klingon Bird, and chuckling at how I was finally the right age for my "Space Cowboy" moment.

It HAS been a long time.



Coming Soon: The TRIUMPH*


*31 years later, I meet at the Solamar DOA Reunion. It is at his request, and in support of his efforts to document and share the stories that still conjure the ABEL magic, that I offer STARTWRECK - in the hopes that others whose stories may be better than mine - will do the same.


Special thanks to Tom Beattie (who would have fit right in at ABELS) for hosting herofx.com

He was there at the beginning (CO) and I think he'll be there at the end.