A SWIFTKICK Is What You Need.

Michael Gibson was the first to discover the nightmare of freelancing in Los Angeles after having worked at ABELS, and I was right behind him.

First thing I did was use the "clan" symbol Mitchell had been so impressed with as the logo for SWIFTKICK STUDIOS.

If Gibbo's NOT working on JOVAN IN SPACE, he's been robbed again. I'm running for President, and yes... THEY'RE STILL TRYING TO IMMANENTIZE THE ESCHATON!



Coming Soon: STARTWRECK*


*31 years later, I meet at the Solamar DOA Reunion. It is at his request, and in support of his efforts to document and share the stories that still conjure the ABEL magic, that I offer Swiftkick Studios - in the hopes that others whose stories may be better than mine - will do the same.


Special thanks to Tom Beattie (who would have fit right in at ABELS) for hosting

He was there at the beginning (CO) and I think he'll be there at the end.