He often thought of his father up here, where one generation's dreams had become the duties of the next. No ancestor of his or any other family however, could have possibly predicted the electro-gravitic SF-1 HAARP-E Interceptor, or the ABOVE TOP SECRET mission of the Air Force Major currently at the space fighter's controls.

"At" was a relative term, as every atom in the body of Maj. James "HUFFY" Powers, every impulse in his nerves, all the thoughts in his brain, were, in fact, the controls themselves - and he was the first of only three TESTOR PILOTS that had mastered the toluene-enhanced "merge" at the center of the counter-rotating plasma toroids - a limitless expanse of golden light that had replaced the modern cockpit.

The circular airfoil; the holy grail of aeronautics, had fallen into the Air Force's lap in 1947, but it had taken an ongoing series of BLACK projects, and over 60 years of disinformation, to perfect the planet's first operational flying saucer, and it was made in the USA though it looked like nothing Earth could have ever produced. Slaved to the High Altitude Auroral Research Program, but impervious to it's effects, the HAARPIES were the first line of defense against an EMP attack on the United States, or the last hope if those who had first perfected Flight itself, chose to return uninvited.

But why was his target just southwest of the Colorado Plateau?