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H O V E R C R A F T 

Art Show Gives Condemned House a Cheery Wake
"In the shadow of the wrecker's ball, local Artists dazzle walls with freeform creativity."
                                                                                              Espresso / November 2003

CHANGE THE COURSEHINDU cosmology describes the Trinity of Gods who keep the Universe in balance: Brahma; the Creator, Vishnu: the Sustainer, and Shiva; the Destroyer. At least two of them have been living with Artist / Writer Layne Sterling since September of last year.

Told that the circa 1912 victorian house in which she rented her second story studio, was to be torn down, Layne got permission to re-decorate the interior and went looking for Artists who might "want a wall". 

Nine months later; 3643 1/2 Sixth Avenue, with it's painted and collaged walls still stands, and as any pregnant mother will tell you, even one Deity can get old after the third trimester... especially when the birth came first.

I had Laynee all to myself in 1971 as we awaited the birth of Sara Elayne; the Daughter who has made it all worth more than either of us could have imagined (and we imagined quite a lot). I was working as a Technical Illustrator to support our Ocean Beach idyll and as I learned my craft I would bring home xeroxes and typeset titles that went into a box labeled "Beginnings". When asked to pick a wall, I realized I could cover it with the result of those beginnings so many years ago.

World Wide Wall / View World (ORDER)

The World Wide Wall / View World (ORDER) is an 11X11 grid of 8.5X11 screensnaps of pages from 16 sites currently online at and, many bearing the same titles from 1971 and all depicting the Work that never stops but in this case, hovered for a time.

All things DO pass however, and Lord Shiva is definitely on the way. 

What better way to honor one Truth and welcome the other than with a museum full of Art and Ideas that will remain in the hearts and minds of all who saw it even when the structure that housed them is razed to the ground? No burning wicker man sacrifice this, but transcience itself; an epic poem bigger than a trio of gods or even 3 mortals named Sterling (Sara has her own wall...). A deathless legend energized by the realization that easels are where you find them and are never empty long.

Thanks Layne...


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