"Like tears in rain..."

1997. The Ides Of March. 

As I make the first of what became many trips to San Francisco, the Bay Area, and points Beyond, there are lights over Phoenix.

Nine years later, the lights are everywhere, Colin Andrews is broke w/ Bassett right behind him, Mallove and Mack are dead, Graham Hancock is taking Ayahuasca, who knows what Schoch & Dowell are up to, and Hoagland...


... a lot can happen in nine years.

Daughters grow up. Presidents change. Probes finally reach their destinations.

Fathers die.

Richard was still the tip of the spear when Kynthia and I undertook a 21st Century re-design of Planetary Mysteries, and MARSWATCH was the first "new" page in what came to be called NUPLAN. MARSWATCH may yet be the single most supportive and compassionate description of Hoagland to be found online, but there are others who deserve their time in the spotlight.

Like Hank Akins.

There are many reasons the DEMO pages that follow didn't end up in the site they were designed for, but Hank isn't one of them.

He is, however, one of the reasons these pages have survived and showcasing his exquisite Artwork is reason enough to make sure these pages are seen one way or the other.

Kynthia loves to start things and when I was living on the Rim Of The World, she approached me about joining the "Dream Guild". During those conversations she noticed that I had the same area code (909) as another potential member. Hank and I have been bouncing Dreams off each other ever since.

As for the woman who launched her site months before the "Enterprise Mission", it seems like only yesterday she asked me if "Ancient Planetary Mysteries" was one word too much.

Any attempt to praise her original Vision, or the tenacity she has shown when faced with the "market forces" that have dragged later sites modeled on Planetary Mysteries under, or into commercial oblivion, will always be many words too short.

One thing can be said about the mystery that is Planetary Mysteries. It can't be seen in a single day, and like Disneyland; it too, may never be finished.

The man who said "You HAVE to meet Kynthia!", may feel the body of work that has resulted was what he had in mind.




Maybe not.