NEED TO KNOW: Heywood Floyd delivers the BROOKINGS BRIEFING


"However, I accept the need for ABSOLUTE SECRECY in this ..."

 Arthur C. Clarke / 2OO1: A Space Odyssey


"I'm sure you're all aware of the extremely grave potential for culture shock and social disorientation contained in the present situaution, if the facts were prematurely and suddenly made public without adequate preparation and conditioning. Anyway, this is the view of the Council. There must be adequate time for a full study to be made of the situation before any thought can be given to making a public announcement.

"Oh yes... as some of you know, the Council has requested that formal security oaths be obtained in writing from everyone with knowledge of this event."

Just what would "adequate preparation and conditioning" look like, now, in 2004... and what is the "culture shock and social disorientation" Kubrick and Clarke warned us of in Heywood Floyd's Clavius briefing from 2001: A Space Odyssey... 36 years ago?


HOLY SH!T / E.T. phone Rome

Smells like 1953

The Shadow Biosphere

Need Another Sip Already?


The crushing of Hope


SUDDENLY SUSAN : 2010/07/29 C2C

During the first hour, after much complaining about the lack of UFO evidence for the last 62 years, Peter Davenport pitches passive radar in order to discover REAL craft instead of lights in the sky and other prank calls (80%) that have led him to NOT ANSWER the UFORC HOT LINE. Noory actually suggests the UFO organization get caller ID, in order to exact some form of revenge upon "the idiots", when a caller says she has exactly the information they've been bemoaning the dearth of.

"You go to NASA/SOHO, "THE SUN NOW" (BAKEOUT-CLICK anyway), go to "LASCO C2, click "More 512"...

It was at this point that a nervous Noory tried to cut to the chase with "what did you see?". "Susan", who monitors the SOHO site regularly, perserveres: "There was a CME that HIT something. Something really big". When asked how she knows that, she replies: "YOU CAN SEE IT" and goes on to give DATE & TIME of the event. Noory dismisses the call, asks his guest who hasn't had time to hear of "it" if he's heard of "that", and gets back into the interrupted rhythm of the show: "So, have you moved into that missle silo yet?"

Waiting 3 hours for the replay at 2:00 AM, I manage to copy the pertinent url directions and find the event.



24 hours later, there is no mention of what a member of the C2C audience (the Holy Grail of ratings) tried to describe. As Davenport suggested, SOHO imagery may be too interpretable to take seriously, but in the context of government cover-ups of the truth that may be out there, Noory proves again that all you really need is a commercial driven announcer* up against his next break, to divert public attention. The opposite of the show's stated purpose. A process all too familiar to C2C listeners. It's also why this story ends up on the DISCLOSURE page instead of UFO.

Thank you Susan, whoever you are.


*George Noory recently set a new and troubling "1st hour" precedent. Referring to a story that "Richard C. Hoagland has jumped all over", he DOES NOT cut to Hoagland, whose website mentions nothing new, much less that story.


Mere mention of a bankable guest is now more important than the "best data yet".


PIMPING FOR NASA: 2010/07/30 C2C

You may remember that NASA's explanation* of why the 35A72 FACE wasn't a face, was because it wasn't there when they looked on the next orbit. What they didn't explain was that the FACE was in darkness on that orbit so theoretically "it wasn't there".

Richard Hoagland was the person who uncovered the truth behind the official denial. Not about to risk repeating any part of that, I did, in fact, tune into the "next orbit" first hour tonight.

Noory; reading their current release explaining why the FACE is still not a face, appeared to enjoy pounding the last nails in that particular coffin. Hoagland WAS brought on (after the break), and to his credit - in today's atmosphere of instant backtracking and apology - stood his ground and called the whole thing a lie.


Once again, it was up to him to point out that the "new" picture was actually 3 years old and magnified so severely that it couldn't be recognized by anyone as anything. Unfortunately, he spent much of his effort countering Noory's "gotcha/reaction?" intro, before launching into the same arguments about Phobos and the "impending announcement". I'll take Richard's word before just about anyone's these days, and he may be the only person worth listening to when it comes to BP and the Gulf oil spill. But the sad truth is that no matter what the truth and who knew it first, these two may have the same conversation 5 years from now.

The truth tonight is that there was no mention, or explanation, or importance attached to last night's SOHO call. The FOX NEWS headline however: "Face on Mars or Rocky Hill? New Photo Reveals Truth ", was posted before the show even started. Good job Lex.


A fact that will be proven to have rocketed over the head of the next caller who says it's an "honor to talk with George Noory."

DAMN THE GODS. Especially the late night ones.

Sorry Susan, and C2C listeners... wherever you are.


*Dr. Janus Bova; Hero of the former Soviet Union, and team leader of MaRGA - the TOP SECRET Russian telepresence mission to Mars - knew more about the FACE, the region surrounding it, and the decades-long, very Soviet, American BLACK BUDGET dis-information campaign to distract that country from both, than anyone on earth.

FLYBY / You Are Not Alone


"See, it's OK. He saw it on the television."

Jack Torrance / THE SHINING


Madame Ambassador? EXT 4951





Steve Bassett* makes his move

"YES WE CAN" doesn't mean we will


*"Dedicated to ending the government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race."




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