You snooze / You lose


" ...for in common with most explorers, he will encounter on his return, That final penalty of penetration; the certainty at first of being disbelieved."

Percival Lowell /Mars and it's Canals

December 28th, 2003. The very first caller on Art Bell's traditional New Year's Predictions show states that in 2004, "the Face on Mars will be shown to be just rocks and shadow, but Hoagland will STILL insist that the truth is being covered up." That's a little like predicting Howard Dean will be in trouble when his Opponent; who has had plenty of time, opportunity, and motive  to plant Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, actually finds them prior to his re-election.

Richard C. Hoagland deserves more than that. We all do.

Time, Opportunity, Motive. Everyday tools for moving an agenda, SECRET or otherwise into or out of the light of public scrutiny, or names of  forgotten Gods and Goddesses in a hidden Pantheon still commited to raising the bar for Humanity? 

Many have followed Percival Lowell, even at the risk of having the words chiseled into the marble of his Mars Hill mausoleum apply to them as they yet live. Perhaps it is they who will be remembered as we finally look out upon the vistas they opened for us.

Someone will be the first to climb the trail already mapped out to the nose of the "Face On Mars", and as they gaze out upon the Cydonian Plateau below, it is the Spirit of Hoagland, Carlotto, and Van Flandren that will have been waiting for them for decades... and the Spirit of Percival Lowell will welcome them all.

October 2006

Recently asked by George Noory on Coast To Coast AM, when he was going to lobby hard for new MRO imagery of the "Face On Mars", Richard C. Hoagland; weeks away from his Joshua Tree appearance, and buried under his paid "lecturer" reponsibilities, only said: "When there's time..."

February 2007 

"The first NASA Astronaut to reach The Face or the ruins of Cydonia, will probably empty their urine bag on proof of an older, perhaps wiser Civilization as the rest of the crew set up cameras pointed at the wrong angle to "prove" that there was nothing there all along."

The time lag will allow "F*CK HOAGLAND!" to be edited out.


April, 2008

"I will let you in on a little secret, that I have been told not to reveal. So I won't reveal who told me, but there is going to be new information about Mars. It won't be too long away."

William Shatner 


Death On Mars

for the Bible tells me so

Lakefront property

Got 520 days?

LIFE on Phobos?


Whether Hoagland is right or wrong about Obama and April 15th, 2010 -
the "FIRSTERS" already have a MISSION PATCH*.

March 24, 2010. Ahead of schedule - under budget.

: )

*Unfortunately, they won't need it for another 20 - 25 YEARS!
Underwhelmed again.
Did someone say Phobos?

What's the BUZZ? Tell me what's a-happening...

"Why should you want to know?
Don't you mind about the future -
Don't you try to think ahead -
Save tomorrow for tomorrow;
Think about today instead."

It was Zubrin who was right. Again.


When do we ride into Cydonia? (Repeat many times)

We were right the first time.


: (



: )





America not at the table.




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