WORLDWAR 03.07.11

3 / 8 / 11

Best CGI lizard ever.

Best CGI lizard ever. So far.

The best thing about "RANGO" taking first place at the box office is not that Johnny Depp (PEACE BE UPON HIM) has a new gig. It's the meetings that will take place, if they already haven't, between the execs that own the rights to the WORLDWAR SAGA, and the Artists responsible for the detail on Hollywood's newest comic foil. Artists probably already at work putting this head on a Raptors body with accurate Exalted Fleetlord body paint. Artists that will replace "Harry Potter" with "Harry Turtledove".

Like all the other projects that don't make it out of DEVELOPMENT HELL the moment they are shared and stolen, this one may already be doomed.

Maybe not. Michael Jackson asked for Michael Gibson because of JOVAN. Didn't hurt that JOVAN was in the Louvré (GOD BLESS BOB ABEL).

At least the poster is done.