Once before, the old were young
Long ago, when love was one
Shadows thrown, songs were sung
Wars were lost, yet battles won.

Life was sweet, races run
Win or lose, the tale was spun
Sun would set, never done
You & I; always fun

Then one day, None Was All
Mountains vanished, heard the call
Oceans lifted, us so small
All together; at the Fall

At the Fall...

At the Fall


What was new, soon seemed old
What was warm, soon grew cold
Years of Iron, days of Gold
End of story; never told

Never told...

Never told


Nothing hidden, days of yore
Ages passing, first of four
Us and them; keeping score
Always wanting, ever more

Ever more...

Ever more




Mind Pirates

Though WE may not believe our power limitless, 
we ENGAGE all who suggest it is not.