You see... I was done. Then, from the riots in Ferguson, to the Cosby scandal, to the SONY hack, to the attack in Paris, a CafePress ad featuring Sterling Online Shops bestsellers (member since 2003) started appearing (unsolicited) across the top of the DRUDGE REPORT, Full Spectrum Dominance, MAIL Online, Coast to Coast... even the Urban Dictionary and a googled site about Neil Young's Lincvolt. As pleased as I was to see my "TURN OFF YOUR TV!" and HELL NO, GMO! bumperstickers where the world could finally see them, it wasn't until my WAR ON TERRA "GOLDEN RULE TEE" showed up on the DRUDGE page above that I realized the scope of what had happened. The thought of a future Jihadi on the other side of the planet clicking on a tee with a slogan in his language (I had the local Imam check the accuracy), and then seeing the back of same and realizing what that phrase really meant (and whose phrase it was), was a sign that though the ART WARS might not be over, I have at least earned some time off.

Michael Sterling / Artyr & Mind Pirate Merchenary

Having solved the problem of showing the original offensive image without repeating the original offense... while actually showing the true offense, I alone, can speak as an American Artist to the mass beheadings and murder - actions our President has rightly labeled acts that NO GOD CONDONES - by COWARDS afraid to show their faces:

"You've been ART PUNK'D!"