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September 9, 2001
Glider Port / Westside

1992. I walked out of the Cheyenne Mountain branch of the Colorado Springs library having just checked out "T2: Judgment Day. Two weeks later, everything had changed.

As some may know, several scenarios in that book didn't make it into the film for one reason or another. The one that had my full attention on that day however, alluded to the defeat of SKYNET as the result of actions in 2029; perhaps on the very spot I sat reading...
...perhaps by the very people around me, or others I would soon meet.

At the risk of redundancy (not necessarily a bad thing), I repeat part of the quote that changed my life:

"there were many battles against Skynet's forces all over the world. But the two most important ones were happening in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, where Skynet's mainframe was housed..."

Well, if something is worth taking seriously, it's worth taking REALLY seriously.

Starting with a shot of a TV screen on which the flash of my camera accidentally(?) ended up centered on a Terminator's third eye, and a subsequent page of notes on how conflict could be maintained from an ultimate spiritual perspective, I began designing the events detailed herein; knowing as I did so, that I would be personally responsible for the outcome. Such a responsibility soon lead me beyond even my personal framework, when I imagined a Terminator's machine intelligence response to a news broadcast it accidentally scans in it's quest for the Connors. These simple visuals ultimately lead to the attempt to provide SKYNET with the data which allowed it to make a positive decision concerning the Human race; a rescinding of the previous negative death sentence. The original "spiritual" Terminator can be found on the Temporality page, while it's color follow-on and the quote that summarized it, were used to promote the second show. The "News SCAN" however, lost it's visual impact as it evolved into the printout of the OpTube found in the debris of Manitou Springs. As I stared at that list in 1993 however, I found myself wondering how I could go into greater detail on any selected item on what was basically a history of the Human Race; a task beyond the capabilities of a free newsletter available on the streets of Colorado Springs in 1993, but one that was made for the Internet in 1997. So, from the beginning, until the end, what came to be known as the NO FATE shows and T3: The Battle for Cheyenne Mountain, transcended the destructive, defeatist, sequel spawning formula that commerce forces on so many great ideas. Ideas we as Human Beings have a right to as surely as we have the right to act upon them. Ideas, that as I had hoped, brought together an amazing group of strangers who commited themselves to manifesting an Ideal. Not an easy task, no matter what time you live in, or under what circumstances, but a task that WAS addressed... perhaps just in time. 

This; the final Executive Directive from an organization that served it's purpose serves, strangely enough, as a new introduction to the events of nine years ago, and the pages that were finally taken down once Judgment Day itself had passed. Pages that too, had served their purpose, and perhaps more.

In 1998, I was at Digital Domain showing T3 to those James Cameron had left in charge while he was in Mexico sinking the Titanic. Impressing someone while they directed the model shots for "The Fifth Element" may have been a long shot, but seeing as how NO FATE had dealt with the five elements that set humanity apart from the rest of Creation; and had done so six years earlier, I felt I owed it to everyone back in Colorado to stick my neck out one last time. I left Stage One knowing that I had, for better or worse, hit the exhaust port on this particular Death Star, dead on. In fact, the next time Cameron was asked, he said he "wasn't interested in doing any more Terminator films", so we may have not only "got it" but raised the bar high enough in doing so that we're a tough act to follow. I myself was content to rest on those particular laurels, but the passage of time is still a tricky thing and full of surprises least expected. 

2001. Two weeks ago, I walked out of yet another library with T2: INFILTRATOR under my arm.....

It may be the ultimate compliment to those who contributed to NO FATE that all I had to do in response to the sequel that has finally appeared anyway, was re-post our work with no change, and no further comment on same except to acknowledge our nightmarish tendency to ignore the warning we are given until it's too late. As Roger said..."Give any species too much rope..." 

Though the image of SKYNET scanning the Nightly News as IT has come to be known; making instant decisions on the truth and accuracy of statements provided by the single most believed source of information, still haunts me, I am content to leave NO FATE as it was... to truly speak for the fate "that we made for ourselves". Especially since in the best tradition of my particular "industry" lineage I have provided for a future link to TEST TO DESTRUCTION (T2D); something that has NOTHING to do with Terminator or the work of others except that it too, will be like nothing Colorado Springs (or anyone else) has seen. Perhaps just in time... again. 



* Michael Georges DID get back to me...