Overview (Temporality)

Temporal Kickback
What if something changes the past? Badly enough so that the present gets wiped out and rebuilt? Nothing happens in an instant. Any changes tend to show up as they were formed in the past, moving at the same rate as the present. Five waves describe what happens when the past is changed in some way:

 Ist Wave / WARNING This is the first, and most harmless. Nothing really changes, but the Wave is detectable by temporal measurement devices

 2nd Wave / EDITING Small, adjustable things happen. Minor changes in newspaper print, speech, colors, sound, etc. It may be very ditficult to find some changes, as they are too subtle to notice.

 3rd Wave / DELETION Uncomplicated items start being destroyed. They simply vanish and are quickly forgotten.

I repeat... "You find the Pavilion today."

 4th Wave / RAZE Actually a series of evenly and closely spaced Waves that snuff out all complicated machines and devices, including chemicals, computer programs, everything that is at odds with, or does not belong in, the new reality.

 5th Wave / EXTERMINATION Any and all of the original living things are removed and replaced by the new reality. People completely forget about the old reality and remember only the new one, because they ARE the new reality; the old one doesn't exist anymore. 

Special Thanks: Jason Swain

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