Three Little Words


Volume 2 / Issue 3 (12/24/1993)

July 25, 2029 

Only three written documents form the semi-oral tradition that survived Judgment Day. Survived, not only in the physical sense, but because of the truth contained within them; a truth that directed the subsequent Resistance agenda, both Tactical and Strategic. A truth that stands alone, even today, beyond the reach of even Time-Displacement itself. 

These three sources of information came to be known as the Trine, and consist of the contents of an actual SKYNET TrueVoice Optube, labeled STOPTUBE ETI01A (Entrainment Tonight); the altered SKYNET database of the events and conspiracies that led up to, and were ultimately responsible for both Judgment Day, AND the defeat of SKYNET in 2029... Tales of the Mystic West; a written description of the teachings of the Saints; the spiritual reality that almost disappeared during the war with the machines, and the NO FATE legend / T3 battle game hardcopy.

Tales Of The Mystic West; while picking up where ETIOIA ends, is itself, contained within it, and quite possibly contains the new information that led to the reversal of SKYNET's original decision to eliminate the Human Race.

 T3; a yearly role-playing game, the documentation of which, ultimately formed the strategy and tactics that led to the storming of NORAD, and the uploading of STOPTUBE ET101A which made SKYNET's reversal possible. 

According to a resistance member known only as TRUEVOICE: the first Book; or human archive found by the pre-Judgment Day proto-resistance... the NO FATE legend began in 1992, when a Colorado Springs non-profit Arts organization, called the Center, and TERMINUS; its unauthorized splinter organization, literally began to prepare the residents of Manitou and Colorado Springs for their inevitable role in the battle for Cheyenne mountain; where the war against the machines was finally won. A battle that was won by the very same people, and their children, who had in fact attended, or been influenced by the yearly NO FATE events designed and produced solely by the Center, TERMINUS, and what appears to have been a network of committed supporters of the Arts that existed prior to Judgment Day. The defeat of SKYNET in 2029, and the ultimate survival of the human race itself, may be directly attributable to the efforts of this network, which came to be known as the Cheyenne Mountain Va Jra Mer. 

As the design and direction of all the NO FATE events can be ultimately traced to a single individual known only by his Resistance call-sign; CATMAN, it is to this day, amazing that his temerity and vision; which surely must have run the risk of being not only misunderstood, but canceled out as nothing more than arrogance and megalomania in the conservative environment of pre-Judgment Day Colorado Springs, nevertheless succeeded in drawing together the aforementioned network of supporters to whom we owe our existence today.

 It is to this network and those who gave then, so that their fellow man might benefit now, that we dedicate this; the first post-war poblication of the complete and UpDated (including the original Center document that started the legend) documents known as the Trine, on this day of great celebration; two glorious weeks after the final victory of the Cheyenne Mountain Va Jra Mer.

 Cleon Rocko (TERMINUS)/ Wilderness 4209 


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