Grey Ghost One: 30,000 ft. over the Sikkim / Nepal border

Col. Vitaly Petrokov; lead fighter escort pilot for Werewolf One, finds himself blinded and forced to ditch his S-37 over the Himalayas after the TAYKOM field overload, and the resultant global electro-gravitic anomalies.

Mt. Kanchenjunga: East Face

Alone, with only his flight suit and emergency Soviet rations to protect him, Petrokov stumbles along the icy ridges until exhausted. Convinced he can no longer survive in such a hostile environment, he lays down and prepares to die.

In a vision, he sees a Holy Man, clad only in a loin-cloth, walk out of the blizzard. Frozen and unable to move, the Soviet pilot smiles as he feels the warmth of a finger-tip between his eyebrows. A single glow begins to fill the darkness he has come to accept, as he slides into unconsciousness. 

Garuda; Keeper Of The Five Treasures, had assumed many guises throughout the ages as the vehicle of Vishnu. Iyenga; the ageless Yogi... who could not only restore a stranger's eyesight, but open his inner vision as well... was one of his favorites.

Khan-Chen-Dzo-Nga: Iyenga's Cave

Vitaly, one life over, begins a new one as he awakens in Iyenga's cave. Following the teaching of the man who saved his life, he learns the secrets of Reality until he realizes that it is time to return to the world below. A world forever changed by the very event that brought him to the feet of the man he owes that new life to. A world in which Iyenga says he must find the "Distant Ones".

 The Five Treasures

As the former fighter pilot ascends the mountain he had been sure would take his life, Love itself awaits him on the summit, and looking down from a peak few humans have glimpsed, he realizes just how close the Distant Ones have always been.



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