Dr. Jeremy Stone; safe in the Andromeda Base offices deep below Denver International Airport, shuddered as he looked again at the highlighted sentences that prefaced the incomplete manuscript he'd found in Skelty's backpack.

Toluene (or methylbenzene) is a commonly used organic solvent; it is less carcinogenic than benzene because the methyl group is easily oxidized, and can be converted to products that can be eliminated from the body with relative ease. Toluene was first isolated from the gum of the Toluifera balsamum tree of South America, which produces a balsam that has been used in cough syrups and perfumes.

Allyl isothiocyanate (oil of Mustard). Toxicity to humans, including carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and acute toxicity.

Which of these ingredients is the more toxic, and why did TESTOR add it to it's cement for plastic models in 1969?

dis · in · hib · i · to · ry
Pronunciation: -in-'hib-&-"tOr-E, -"tor-
Function: adjective : tending to overcome psychological inhibition
(disinhibitory drugs)

The diagnosis was that his underlying condition was hypomania, a bipolar disorder characterized by episodes of euphoric or overexcited and irrational behavior, succeeded by depression. Hypomanics were often described as euphoric, charismatic, energetic, prone to grandiosity, hypersexual, and unrealistic in their ambitions. Bipolar disorders are genetic, and it has often been suggested that the condition has survived because it confers an evolutionary advantage on the population.

Evolutionary advantage. Mystics, Artists, Scientists, and Politicians; the four groups, in order, that are open to the cosmic ideas that finally make it to the People themselves - who either transcend their inhibitions - or are buried by them. Stone wasn't sure if Skelty had been the first or the second.

Actually, Stone wasn't sure of anything anymore, even all these years after the horrors of Piedmont. Except that creating the cover story - that only the survival of a baby and "Peter Jackson"; a bum hooked on Sterno, had ultimately provided the key to the nation's survival - was necessary to keep the truth about the "bum", and what both he and the baby were "hooked" on out of the permanent project file... and the Nightly News.

H.P. Lovecraft had understood horror, and he had included madmen. Maybe that described Skelty best. He was certainly no bum.

The baby was no longer a baby. Stone wasn't sure what she was, even though he finally understood who she was.

He took a deep breath before the irony made him chuckle, and re-opened UNTIL I TURN BLUE: THE EXTREME PRANAYAMA MANUAL again - prepared at last to see it's contents for the first time.