a true story of the 72 hour hold


Soberia /(n) (sew beer ee uh)

State devoid of disinhibition, elation, euphoria, excitement, irrational behavior, exhilaration, satisfaction, or stupefaction.

See also:

Exile to

Life in

Escape from

Stupefaction. Used in a sentence: "Imagine my stupefaction!" might well describe one's personal epiphany upon seeing the other deadly sins listed as misdemeanors in Section 351 of the California Penal Code. In fact, surely 'epiphany' must also be as dangerous a word as euphoria or excitement. Dangerous enough to threaten one with imprisonment for attaining such a state, or even attempting to do so. Perhaps those responsible for Section 351 were only personally familiar with their own experiences with the root of stupefaction; Stupor. Perhaps they themselves had never been astonished, astounded, overwhelmed with amazement, or - Heaven forbid - Awe. He, however, had seen for himself, and he, like those like him, knew the perfect word for the Visions that had led to his exile.


"We, who think of ourselves as the living, could really be called the dead. We are the unawakened, living our lives in a dream; a dream that will continue after 'death', then through life after life, until we truly awaken."

Yeah, but... wasn't it possible to cut to the chase? Couldn't one awaken in the lifetime they were currently in? What if this life, the last life, was the one in which you were supposed to awaken? How would you look to those around you who were still asleep?