Well, Some people will do anything for fortune or glory.

I remember the FIRST time the "Opener Of The Way" ran into this door. HOW MANY YEARS AGO WAS THAT?... and they've JUST poked a hole in it?

Whenever ONE PERSON ("This would be easier if it were a dictatorship..."), be it Malin, or someone we don't even know about (yet) is given ABSOLUTE control over what we NEED TO KNOW, we usually end up knowing nothing.

Zahi Hawass actually tried to dismiss EVERYTHING on the table (Oh, watch out for that table...) in a "staged" "discovery" "moment" that embarrassed everyone but him, or maybe Geraldo Rivera.

All to prove beyond doubt that the God of Gods; the Creator of all the Human Race has done thinking it did it on it's own...

... is Mr. Bill.

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