"See you on the way back."

In 1968, I saw 2001: a space odyssey, in Cinerama as it was intended to be seen, and have not been the same since.

There has never been another movie like it.

Much has been said in the 21st century about the Paradigm Shift. I myself have coined the term "personal paradigm shift" to explain the possible reality and aftermath of Alien abduction, but it is that moment - 37 years ago - when I left the theater; my head full of Kubrick, that is probably still on my mind as I continue the work that truly started when I proclaimed: "I can do that!"

By 2001, I had worked with those who had created the Star Gate. I had held shot sheets used by cameraman to float Hyper-Diamonds above the slit-scan landscapes of Titan, and had been deemed worthy by the man that had designed and written them.

Stanley Kubrick died before he could see the reality of 2001 and perhaps that is just as well. There is no Clavius Base or Jupiter Mission, and the data from the moons of Saturn; especially Iapetus - the key to the mysteries of the Star Gate and human existence itself - are buried, perhaps as deliberately, as the object beneath a crater named Tycho.

Homo Satiens has surpassed Kubrick's vision only in their continued perfection of murder, swinging ever more lethal clubs down on the heads of their own species; those with whom they must ultimately share the planet's abundant resources with.

Tycho is as TYCHO does...

My dreams may have also lost some grandeur coming true, but in 2001 - milestoner that I am - I put up my answer to the challenge I rose to at 18; a site that showcased what I had learned to that point and hinted at where I was going. Though the alignment depicted above has been used since, I may be the only one bold or foolish enough to not only replace Stanley's beckoning monolith with my personal answer to that same call, but to link it world wide to the original and unchanged site that represented the best that teenager could do as he left on a mission whose goal and deadline may have been known only to one member of the crew.